Wedding drone photography
Hassop Hall wedding videography and photography
Derbyshire wedding drone photography
Hassop Hall wedding videography and photography
Hassop Hall  Derbyshire Wedding Videography and photography
Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire Wedding Drone Aerial Photography Drone Photography Aerial Photography videography Nottinghamshire Derbyshire
An aerial drone photo of the wedding party at Ringwood Hall Derbyshire


Wedding drone videography samples

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What is a drone?

A drone is simply an unmanned aircraft. These image-capturing aircraft can film and photograph from a unique aerial perspective, providing high quality cinematic footage and photos to treasure forever. Drones are increasingly becoming a ‘must-have’, to help capture those unforgettable wedding moments.

Why are they ideal for weddings?

Drones can be a fantastic option to consider when you choose your wedding venue, as they can be used in a variety of ways. They can capture key moments of the day – such as videoing a special moment between the bride and groom or perhaps photographing a big group of guests from above. Drone filming can look so spectacular because the footage can really reveal the grandeur of a wedding venue and its surroundings.

Who would control the drone at the wedding?

The pilot (who operates the drone from the ground using controls) is responsible for the overall safety of the flight. Guests must not do anything to compromise that, such as distracting them during the flight. There are rules that drone operators follow to ensure that everyone is as safe as possible whilst the drone is flying.

Can I control the drone?

It’s best to leave drone flying to the professionals – after all, learning to fly a drone often takes hundreds of hours of practice. Drones aren’t toys. The controls are pretty complex and aren’t something that you can simply just pick up.

Will the weather have to be taken into consideration?

Yes. It’s worth noting that drones can’t fly in rain or high winds. The pilot will tell you if the weather conditions are unsuitable for flying.

Are drones noisy?

Drones, vows and speeches don’t go together because of the noise that the drones make. Drones aren’t quiet because they have high powered motors that turn the propellers to produce the uplift. It’s best to talk to your drone pilot, guests, and venue so that you can arrange when the drone needs to be grounded for the important bits.

Will I need to get permission from my venue to have a drone?

Yes. Your pilot will need permission from the landowner and/or venue before flying. Arranging to have a drone at a wedding requires considerable planning and preparation, so give yourself enough time to discuss the safety considerations with your pilot and the venue. However, the time and effort spent in the planning is well worth it, since nothing comes close to capturing breathtaking and unique aerial footage and photos on one of the biggest days of your life!

Drone filming at venues will need permission and will depend on the weather