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Click the link below to see the newly finished development site in Shirebrook

Filming with drone technology gives that different perspective of any event also showing off the surrounding area. Below is an aerial video of Pleasley Vale Adventure Fest which was filmed for Bolsover Council.

Using drones to capture ongoing progress at construction sites

Whether it be a one time aerial sweep of a particular site or an ongoing timelapse using aerial filming or aerial photography.

Using drones is the best way to view sites like these for planning, marketing also giving that greater perspective of the surrounding area.


English Heritage

Using drone technology to capture a unique perspective at English Heritage sites. Below are two videos of the Historical sites Bolsover Castle and Roche Abbey.


Using drones for estate agents

Using drones to capture aerial photography & aerial videography gives a greater perspective of the house, garden and surrounding area.
























Drone surveying

Using drones to survey and inspect at heights is very beneficial to your company.

Sometimes it’s impossible to gain access for a scissor lift. Instead, why not use a drone to survey and inspect at heights.

With a 20 megapixel camera fitted along with 1 inch sensor, the drone can get within 12 inches of the structure giving you a high resolution image of any damage or corrosion which cannot be seen from the ground.

Saving you money and time by getting the job done quicker, safer and more cost effective.


drone survey



































Property Development Aerial Video

Using drones on property development sites helps capture that different perspective for site progress.






Sherwood Forest Visitor Centre

Click the link below to see all the information regarding Sherwood forest visitor centre which I photographed and filmed from the air using drone technology for Woodhead construction.

Property Development

Using drone technology to capture property developments is a great way to showcase the developers sites, also giving that greater perspective of the surrounding area.



Estate Agents

Using drones to capture large homes and land is a greater way to show buyers exactly what they are looking for.






Drones are becoming more popular at weddings giving the newlyweds breathtaking footage to treasure forever